The Robot Initiative

The Robot Initiative is an audio project formed by two audio units

Compressor, the bastard brother of Decepticons tape warrior Laserbeak, descendant of Soundwave. Contributor of Compressors technological make out, sometimes referred as father, is unknown, but due to Compressors appearance and behaviour, it is rumoured to be the leader of the notorious robot gang, AutobotsOptimus Prime himself.

Reverb, the retarted half-brother of Autobots tape warrior Rewind, descendant of Blaster. The source of Reverb's technological make out and AI behaviour, sometimes referred as father, is unknown, but due to Reverb's sometimes almost humane behaviour and obvious appearance, it is rumoured to be the right hand man of The Galactic Empires leader, Emperor Palpatine, and biological father of leader of the Jedi Knights Luke Skywalker, the dark sith lord, Lord Darth Vader himself, may he rest in peace.

In their secret headquartersThe Robot Initiative Studios, the audio units struggle with their limited resources, and while the Autobots wage their battle against the evil forces of Decepticons, they wage their battle against unstable electricity and bad grounding. These unnatural forces causes high frequency noise, different from the normal humming noise, that is evident around 8kHz and beyond. Despite this high frequency interference noise they try to perform studio recordings with as high quality as possible with their limited equipment.

To addition to the studio recording they also perform other studio engineering tasks, like rough mixing of audio tracks. On the side of the mixing they randomly handle the task of producing and assisting producing of audio tracks created by other mechanical or non-mechanical (mostly bionic) entities.

The audio units also create, from start to finish, their own audio tracks. Their audio tracks forms wave patterns that are recognized mostly as "Electro" by the puny human race. The sound waves produced by these audio tracks have the distinctive behavior that causes bionic entities to slowly transform into superior battle robots to serve the greater cause of The Robot Initiative.